The olive oil “Maria Lanzafame”


“Already in 1914, in the small villages of Biancavilla and S.Maria di Licodia, my grandfather Martino Lanzafame was running his home-based small farm producing excellent extra-virgin olive oil. His activity was then continued by my father Alfio and my uncle Nino, who improved the infrastructures in our land, levelling the terrain and building the small walls in lava stone  to contain the soil and a system of channels to make the irrigation possible. In 1970, with the aid of my husband Sebastiano, we realized one of the first  “rain irrigation” systems, including also a small lake to serve as hydric reserve. In 1990 the farm was converted into “organic farm”, and  thanks to a growing appreciation by the public, we started the direct sale of our extra-virgin olive oil.

Every  step of the production cycle is personally followed by myself, including the mill crushing, the packaging, the labelling an the commercialization, in order to guarantee the maximum quality to our consumer .Thanks to this attention towards quality, our farm is achieving prestigious customers, in Italy and abroad“                                                               

Maria Lanzafame

A very ancient origin

All our oil is coming from olives grown in our lands. They are all of volcanic origin, 650 meters over sea level. The almost plain position sloping towards South allows for a uniform irradiation of the plants, and  a particular foot-mountain weather, joined to the particular cure in the collection and in the crushing, gives Maria Lanzafame‘s olive oil a very low acidity and a high content of poliphenoles and tocopheroles, very important for our health and the well-being of our body.

The recipients are stored in a suitable atmosphere and in  stainless tanks “Aisi 316”.

  1. BulletOur farm produces extra-virgin olive oil with DOC (Controlled Origin) certification "Monte Etna" built c/o la C.C.I.A.A. of Catania, DM 16-1-1998.

  2. BulletOlives are grinded not later than two days after picking, in order to preserve the original flavour of the olives just-from-the-tree, in order to give to the oil a very low acidity (0.14%) and a high content of  vitamins, anti-oxidants  substances, poliphenoles.

  3. BulletOur products do not use any chemicals or pesticides, the production is fully natural. On our farms we use only organic and natural fertilizers of animal origin. Our products are certified as organic by Ecocert Italia srl.

  4. BulletOur farm agrees to the "Improvement of olive oil quality"; Reg.CE 1334/02, with the roll of honor of "driver farm".

A very high quality oil.

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The chemical analysis performed on our olive oil are now available, visit the “News” page.