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You can purchase our oil in bottles of several sizes or in 5-litres cans.

The 0,25 litres bottle is very advisable for the restaurateurs who want to offer their customers with the possibility to dress the food with a top-quality oil like ours, or, for anyone, as a nice and not very expensive invitation to taste.

Bottles of 0,50 and 0,75 litres are suitable for a daily use.

On request, it’s possible to send packages of 3 half-litre bottles. This would be a perfect idea for a very original gift, as opposed to the classic wine or champagne bottle.

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Bottle organic 0.25 l = € 4,00

Bottle organic 0.50 l = € 7,00

Bottle organic 0.75 l = € 9,90

Can 5 l organic = € 44,00